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Pest Control in Sugar Land TX

Sugar Land Texas Pest Control – Local Exterminators

Pest Identification

Many pests enter homes and businesses through food items that have been left out or exposed on countertops or floors. Proper garbage disposal is essential in keeping pests away. You should also keep your food stored safely in containers or sealed properly and toss out the garbage regularly. You should also check for any droppings or chew marks around the outside of your home or business as well as listen for scratching or thumping noises that may indicate local critters have found their way inside. If you do find any evidence of pests in your home, contact Pest Control in Sugar Land TX a professional right away.


Nutrias are an environmentally destructive species that have been known to wreak havoc on agricultural and residential areas. They are also the hosts for a specific nematode parasite that causes a skin disease known as “nutria itch”.

Wild animal invasions can result in attic insulation damage, roof damage, home fires, raccoon roundworm and histoplasmosis, weakened fascia boards and ridge vents, and structural damage to homes and buildings from rodent gnawing. Professional Sugar Land animal control services can trap and relocate these nuisance wildlife species.

Pest Control in Sugar Land TX can help with mold removal and remediation, cleaning, sanitization and odor mitigation to restore a building to pre-mold condition. Mold damage must be treated and dried immediately, to prevent additional water or moisture damage to your property and to protect the health of the building occupants.

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