Bali Class Kiwi Berry – A Fruity Blend of Kiwi and Fresh Berries

Bali Class Kiwi Berry - A Fruity Blend of Kiwi and Fresh Berries

Bali Class Kiwi Berry – A Fruity Blend of Kiwi and Fresh Berries

The Bali Class Kiwi Berry disposable vape delivers a fruity blend of kiwi and fresh berries in a sleek, easy-to-use device. The slick and compact device is draw-activated and offers 3000+ puffs on a single charge.

The CLASS Melon Berry flavor by Bali Vapor is a refreshing mix of melon with a hint of menthol. The result is a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Bali Maxxx

If you’re looking for a disposable pod vape that offers a long battery life, flavorful clouds, and high nicotine strength, you should consider Bali Maxxx. This device is easy to use, compact, and pocket-friendly. It also features a high-quality e-liquid, so it can last you up to 3000 puffs. Plus, you can save money on replacements with our discounted disposable pod bundles.

The Bali Maxxx disposable pod device was designed to meet the needs of frequent vapers who expect more hits and power from their devices. It looks like a Bali Class but is slightly taller to hold more e-liquid. It’s made using sturdy materials that can absorb bumps and drops without breaking.

Each device comes pre-filled with 9ml of e-liquid that’s manufactured using high-quality food-grade ingredients. It’s available in 15 flavors, including Black Ice, Watermelon Kiwi, Lush Ice, Very Berry, Fiji Fruit, Pineapple Ice, Tropical Fruit, Frozen Peach, Ice Mint, Kiwi Berry, Mangorita, Melon Berry, and Pina Colada.

Bali Diamond

The Bali Diamond disposable device is one of the smallest devices on the market and is designed to last 6500 puffs. It looks more like a mini all-in-one mod than a regular disposable vape, and it’s sturdier and more resilient, able to handle rough handling and a variety of weather conditions while maintaining the integrity of the e-liquid inside.

This vape boasts a powerful heating element and is pre-filled with 15ml of high VG e-liquid. It produces thick vapor and delicious flavors that are sure to satisfy any vaper’s cravings. It’s also a great option for newcomers to the world of vaping because it’s so simple to use. The device is available in a range of incredible flavors, including Green Apple, Ice Mint, Kiwi Berry and Lemon Mint. This disposable vape is a must-have for any vaper who wants to experience the best in flavor and performance.

CLASS Pineapple Ice

If you’re a fan of fruit-flavored vape juices, try CLASS Pineapple Ice from Bali. This delicious e-liquid features the tropical taste of pineapple infused with cool menthol. The result is a smooth and refreshing experience that you’ll love.

This e-liquid is made from high-quality ingredients, including real pineapple flavor and extract. It’s a great choice for summer days or whenever you need a little escape from the daily grind. Its menthol provides a cooling burst of freshness and natural sweetness.

This e-liquid comes in 3mg nicotine strength and is ideal for those who prefer a less intense vaping experience. The device is easy to use and offers moderate clouds. It’s also pocket-friendly and compact, making it perfect for vaping on the go. It is powered by a 900mAh battery and can last for over 2000 puffs. The device is available in a variety of colors and comes pre-filled with 6ml of e-liquid. This product is available for purchase online and at select stores.

CLASS Watermelon Kiwi

The CLASS Bali Vape is the smoothest, longest-lasting disposable vape on the market. Featuring a high capacity for 2000 puffs and 5% salt nicotine, it delivers a satisfying experience with every use. The device is available in a wide range of incredible flavors, including CLASS Watermelon Kiwi.

This small unique exotic fruit is a good source of vitamin C and potassium. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber. It has a jelly-like texture, and despite being covered in tiny hairs, is edible, although most people prefer to spit out the seeds, which are similar to immature watermelon seeds.

Most commercial kiwis are of the ‘Hayward’ cultivar, but there is also a golden variety called Zespri SunGold which has higher sugar content and is disease resistant. The ‘Gold3’ cultivar is now being used as it has been found to be even more disease resistant than ‘Hort16A’. It is a bit sweeter and less fuzzy than the regular green kiwifruit.

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